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Keith feels right at home building homes for other people. He grew up on construction sites watching his dad wire new
homes as an electrician. Before becoming a builder, Keith worked as a home lender at an Atlanta-based financial service
company where he gained invaluable insight into the homeowner’s perspective in the purchasing process. While this was a
rewarding experience, he wanted to be more hands-on in getting people into their own homes.

Keith started working with a certified builder and then joined in with several local builders to construct new homes in one
of Columbia County’s fastest-growing neighborhoods. After taking and passing the NASCLA-Accredited Examination for
General Contractors in 2006, South Georgia Homes was born. Keith continuously hones his craft in the field, along with
completing relevant coursework to improve his knowledge and skills.

Keith is passionate about helping people achieve their dream of homeownership through building quality homes that are
suitable for a range of lifestyles, all the while delivering superior customer service and an unsurpassed dedication to homeowner

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Stay tuned, bio coming soon!

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Tindall Construction is a locally owned family business. Eric Tindall is President and Owner of Tindall Construction, Tindall Realty, and Tindall Properties. For more than 30 years Eric Tindall and his family have helped thousands of people buy and sell their homes. Eric first started renovating and remodeling homes in 2003. Eric Tindall has been involved in every aspect of real estate for over half of his life. Now as a custom home builder he is passionate about helping families achieve their dream of homeownership here in the CSRA. Tindall Construction is a NASCLA Accredited licensed General Contractor licensed to build in both Georgia and South Carolina. Tindall Construction’s Qualifying is Denny McLain. He has been working with Tindall Construction since 2006. Eric and Denny both oversee every aspect of the onsite daily construction, quality assurance, and warranty program. Denny works directly with customers coordinating interior design and implementing modern home style elements. Tindall Construction is committed to building you the most energy-efficient custom home of your dreams.

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